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By MR1
#85 What is StealthCoin?

StealthCoin is an online currency which aims to become the primary private currency. It is the first Tor network integrated POW/POS coin.

The goal for Stealth Coin is what we call "government resistant" privacy protection. Government resistant privacy protection has two facets: (1) block chain analysis resistance using plausible deniability cryptography and (2) network analysis resistance using Tor. So where are we in our plans? Well, Tor is implemented and you are already using it, so StealthCoin is currently resistant to network analysis. For block chain analysis resistance, we already have a proof-of-concept codebase. So we know what the implementation will be and, more importantly, know that it works. Our goal now is to implement it on top of the StealthCoin protocol.

Where can I get StealthCoin?

There are various ways to get StealthCoin:

1) On you can directly buy StealthCoin with major currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, etc).
2) You can trade StealthCoin on the following exchange platforms:
3) Get paid StealthCoin providing merchandise or services.
4) Check the relevant threads of this forum where different individual traders sell/buy StealthCoin against fiat currencies.
5) And of course you can earn StealthCoin by staking them in your wallet.

My wallet has syncing problems, it gets stuck quite often and takes hours to sync. What to do?

This is how to speed up the syncing process of your wallet:
1. Back up your wallet
2. Stop the old client
3. Go to the application data directory
4. Remove blk0001.dat, txleveldb (directory), database (directory), db.log, and debug.log
5. Download the zipped bootstrap file from ... sp=sharing
6. Unpack the bootstrap file into the application data directory (C:\Users\My Computer\AppData\Roaming\StealthCoin)
7. Start the new client
8. For the new client your computer will pause momentarily at 71% to fill the key pool (you may not notice)
9. The progress will pause at 91% for as much as one hour (up to 2 hours for old computers!) to validate the bootstrap file
10. The chain may take 5 to 10 minutes to sync

My wallet is out of sync. I have 0 active connection to StealthCoin network.

Make sure your firewall does not block StealthWallet connection. If yes, configure your firewall the way to authorize StealthWallet connection to internet.

My wallet is up to date (synchronized) but my coins still do not stake. Must I do something else?

Check if your wallet is unlocked for staking.

Also note, that you must have coins in your wallet for at least 36 hours to gain enough weight and maturity to begin stacking.

When I launch my StealthClient, it gets stuck and displays the following alert:

Follow these steps:

1) Backup your wallet.dat
2) Rename blk0001.dat to bootstrap.dat
3) Delete txleveldb, database, db.log, debug.log
4) Restart your StealthClient and let it rebuild from your index
5) The bootstrapping process will take from 1 to 3 hours (depending on your internet speed). During bootstrapping StealthClient will pause at 93% (in some cases at 90%)

What is the POS interest rate of StealthCoin?

StealthCoin annual POS interest rate is 20%. This means that if you have 1 million coins in your wallet and stake them 24 hours a day 365 days a year, you will earn 200.000 coins throughout the year.

Can someone please explain exactly what this means “Coin PoS age: Min. 3 days / Max. 9 days / coins stop aging at 15 days”? I understand the more coins we have, the more staking power we have, but not sure how the max 9 days, 15 days etc. come into it.

• Coin (input) is eligible to stake 3 days after the transaction that put it in your wallet.
• Every second it gets a better and better chance to mint as it gets older.
• But at 9 days after sitting in your wallet, the chances get no better.
• Every second your coin will earn more and more interest once it mints.
• But at 15 days, the potential earnings are capped. That means you can't open your wallet after 365 days and earn 20% interest. The most interest you will earn on an input is 0.822% (20% * 15 / 365).

• So if you open your wallet every six months to stake, you'll earn just over 1.65% interest (1.00822 * 1.00822).
• If you open it every 3 months you'll earn about 3.3% interest.
• If you open it every 45 days, you'll earn about 6.7% interest.
• If you open it every 22.5 days, you'll earn about 14% interest.
• More frequently than that, you'll approach compounding to nearly 22% (based on a nominal APR of 20%).

The last calculation goes like this:
(1 + (0.20 * 3 / 365.0))**(365.0/3) - 1

Do stealth addresses stake?

Yes, they also stake.

Where can I find StealthCoin blockchain explorer?
The link also provides StealthCoin price per coin, StealthCoin market cap, total number of coins, richlist info, etc.

Where I can find StealthCoin wallet.dat file on my computer?

On Windows 8.1. StealthCoin Wallet.dat is located here:

C:\Users\My Computer\AppData\Roaming\StealthCoin

If you don`t see AppData folder under Users>username directory, do the following: ... post306810

On Mac StealthCoin folder is located here: ~/Library/Application Support/StealthCoin

I heard that tor is implemented in the Stealth wallet. What does this mean?

This means that the entire transaction network runs in tor.

Does Stealth wallet integrated Tor have exit nodes?

There are no exit nodes in the XST Tor network. Everything is completely behind Tor. The absence of exit nodes eliminates most of the vulnerabilities you hear about with Tor. It is especially helpful if you have a large amount of XST in your wallet and run a live node, because evildoers cannot determine where you keep your funds.

I know that Windows 10 is a serious threat to Bitcoin privacy. Could using StealthCoin through my device expose my transactions to external surveillance?

XST does have protection against the unauthorized and continuous transmission of data from personal computers to external servers. The tor encryption layer is produced completely in the client, so any communication diverted to windows servers is fully encrypted, even the routing information.
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By BTCwriter
#86 Some people might not know what to do after download bootstrap.dat

download the bootstrap.dat file and place it into your StealthCoin folder at User/AppData/Roaming/StealthCoin and it should do the magic by itself. You do nothing, just make sure to placed bootstrap.dat file in StealthCoin directory in AppData and fire up StealthCoin wallet.
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By MR1
#87 U are right!

I`ll update point 6 of the following question "My wallet has syncing problems, it gets stuck quite often and takes hours to sync. What to do?"