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By Powerpuff
#102 Google Voice Account with your own Unique USA Phone Number

It can be used anywhere in the world. No need for US ip.


* Send and receive text/calls to all US/Canada Phones
* Phone verify most of your Social media accounts and other websites including Facebook and many more.
* Download App on your phone and use it like your existing phone.
* After Sale Support

Taking Single/Bulk orders.

Price - $2 btc

***100 GV for $100 - Limited time offer***

Google voice with custom username/area code available (subject to availability), Price - $3

BTC wallet for payments: 1LrnrBtemB14J1wYp5X73tXCNo5yukuRPs

My thread on bitcointalk:
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By Powerpuff
BTCwriter wrote:I would like to test one out. Please message me one number information.

In order to buy please send $2 btc to 1LrnrBtemB14J1wYp5X73tXCNo5yukuRPs
and message me back so I can deliver the account.
btw I can't found any link to send pm to a user??