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By MR1
#107 How to set up Stealth Wallet in 10 minutes?

1) Download the latest version of the Stealth Wallet installation file from the link below:

2) Go to C:\Users\Your Username\AppData\Roaming\ (Mac OS users should go here: ~/Library/Application Support/) and create a StealthCoin folder there.

If you do not see the “AppData” folder under C:\Users\Your Username\ directory, do the following: On the top of the window click on “View”. In the drop down window check the “Hidden items” box. Now the “AppData” folder should appear. (

3) Now download the StealthCoin snapshot from this link:

4) After the downloading process is complete, paste this snapshot file in the StealthCoin folder (point 3).

5) Unzip the blk0001.dat file and txleveldb folder into this StealthCoin folder (If you do not have the unzipper application, get it for free here:

6) Now go to the Stealth Wallet installation file you have downloaded (see point 1) and double click on it to launch the wallet installation process.

7) As soon as the installation is finished, the Stealth Wallet will be launched. It will automatically begin to synchronize with the StealthCoin network. The syncing process pauses at 91%. It may take around 10 minutes to complete the sync process.

8) After the synchronization process is complete, your Stealth Wallet is ready to send and receive payments.