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By Bavaria
#78 Hi XST fams! :)

I`m selling my 8.500 XST for 70 USD.

You can pay with your credit card. Accepted credit cards: Visa, Master, Disco, Amex !

1) Escrow accepted from any reputable escrow
2) XST will be released from escrow 12 days after you pay me. For next orders the period will be reduced to 3-4 days.
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By MR1
#92 Here I will explain you how to buy StealthCoins with Visa/MC credit cards:

1) Open an account at:
2) Upload funds on your Payeer account with your credit card.
3) Go to open an account there and buy BTC with your Payeer account.
4) Transfer your BTC from C-CEX to Bittrex or Cryptsy and buy StealthCoins.

Payeer accepts credit cards from all countries.

USA residents can also use their credit cards to buy XST through BTC on Coinbase or Circle.

Happy shopping !